Bhawalpur Tractors: An informative session was held in December in the region of Bhawalpur. Session was conducted by Regional Sales Manager – Multan, Mr. Samar Gardezi. In which farmers were provided with information about new technologies, standards and techniques to increase growth of crops. Bull Power tractors were inspected by farmers and were given hands on experience while giving them test drives and highlighting every aspect of tractor.

Orient tractors are very liable in terms of Fuel efficiency, Power and Hydraulics. Orient Tractors’s Imported Brazilian Delphy Pump and Fuel Injector gives an edge upon its rivals in fuel efficiency and Heavy duty Crank Shaft, Resin Moulded Chassis components provide durability and high level of performance in every manner. The session was very informative, well recieved and was highly appreciated by the farmer, land owners and people of the area, and a positive feedback was given by them. Orient Tractors is planning to arrange more sessions in the upcoming year.